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Those That Cannot Repay

In Luke 14:13-14, Jesus gives an interesting command to throw a party for the poor, the lame, the injured, and the blind to dine with you. He then says, “You will be blessed because they cannot repay you.” I’ve never thought much about this command or promise associated with it. However, nine months ago, Becky and I began offering a free English class for the poorest of the poor, the downtrodden, or basically those that “could not repay.” None of them could ever have afforded to take a conversational English class at any of the places that offer them in Puerto Morelos. Before long, we started to find ourselves being drawn to these people. We started praying for their situations, needs, learning their names and then being regularly greeted by them when going about our regular business out and about. Before long, we started receiving an amazing “blessing!” It was not obvious at first. By developing a free, needed ministry (and though it did cost us to do it), we never had any expectations from any of them to pay us back or even be grateful. But their gratitude was overwhelming to say the least, and part of the blessing!

We have taken the month of August off to reevaluate our curriculum, fill in some learning gaps, and rewrite it so that it will be more effective and give the students some time off. For the last class (until we start back in September), we threw them a party. If you are offended by junk food, sugar sodas, and sweets I will tell you, there are worse things! These people where simply shocked and surprised. They could not believe that we had taught these classes and THEN threw them a party for coming to a free English class. They were so overwhelmed, and exclaimed, “We could have brought the cakes, drinks, and food! You have been the one that has given us the class to help us.” But seeing the 5 new faces now going to the Mexican church, the extremely poor mother of two small children that has bowed her head and accepted Christ as Savior from the Spanish tract we provided, and the sharing of resources that has happened because of better paying jobs by having better English skills has BLESSED us immeasurably. THIS is what Jesus was talking about.

Yes, I love to eat with like-minded brothers and sister in the Lord. I like to have feasts with family, friends, and people that are close to me, but Jesus’ words are simply life-altering – “You will be blessed because they cannot repay.” WE have been abundantly blessed because they CANNOT repay us. But HE already has! As more of these students in the future come to faith, our blessings will only continue to increase. Impacting this community with the Gospel in such an easy way is thanks to your faithful giving to us. We pray that this will also bless you.

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