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Praying for the Sick

Coming off the busy week of Thanksgiving has made a deep impression on me. Last week, one of the families in the ‘invasion’ asked us to come and pray over their sick children. Cold and flu season is not just an American thing! We've been fortunate, but not so for some here.

Many of the children in this extremely poor part of town are more susceptible to illness because of their lack of clean water and healthy foods, poorly insulated homes, and other factors. Many heard we were coming to pray for children, so the list started to increase. As we left our house to go and lay hands on their sick children, I had no idea what I would experience. It was a joy to be asked to do so, but when I arrived, I was told stories of how many of these mothers in this community frequently bury children from just such “simple” issues. Let that sink in. This Thanksgiving had something new for me - fresh awareness and appreciation.

We prayed for 9 children and then provided some healthy food for their families. Hearing mothers weeping as we were praying put everything in perspective. While we were praying for success in reaching into this community, they were simply praying that God would spare the lives of their children. Thanksgiving opened my eyes to just how much the Lord has given to us. We are in our mid-60’s, in relatively good health, with healthy children and grandchildren most of whom have a genuine, living faith in Jesus Christ. The poor houses we were visiting were filled with children and adults with various problems, sicknesses, and other heartbreaking issues, but MOSTLY they were without a knowledge of Jesus Christ!

This most important thing in all of life is missing. With our new Missionary Associate, Jesse, we were able to share a clear message of the gospel in their heart language, address their many questions, and see their interest grow. Thanksgiving indeed! So much thanksgiving! We are also, so thankful for the continued support that allows us to be in these homes, share food and medicine, but mostly to share the truth of Jesus Christ. Living Faith is touching lives with the eternal message of hope.

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