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Last Sunday I taught on a familiar passage from Hebrews 4:12 “…the Word of God is living…”, a passage I have known, studied, and taught for about 50 years! (Saying that hurt!) However, the truth of that verse struck home while I was preparing to teach, when I discovered that the living, “double-edged sword,” “sliced” me again with fresh, living insight. Maybe this is 'old hat' for some of you, but for me it was so new. I have always taught that the sword is our only offensive weapon listed in the warfare passage of Ephesians 6. But while studying and discussing it with Becky, my eyes were opened to a new insight. The example of Christ using “the sword” when He faced the temptation of Satan demonstrated that it was not only an offensive weapon, but a defensive one as well. The devil also “used” the Scriptures, but Jesus blocked his false misuse of that passage of Psalm 91 with His sword from Deuteronomy 6, making the Sword a defensive and an offensive weapon. I could not count the number of times I’ve taught this lesson from both Hebrews and Ephesians and never saw this application before. The Scripture “makes alive” that which is dead, it “adds life” to whatever it touches, because it is a “living, breathing Book,” unlike any other.

We are approaching our first anniversary in this new ministry, in this new country. Our vision of what we would be doing here a year ago has changed somewhat – but it had to. The needs of this area matched with our own particular gifts caused us to approach ministry from a different angle. Like any living thing, it has to alter to fit the environment, staying true to its foundational principles while adjusting to the uniqueness of its surroundings. We have continued steadfast in the Word, allowing the living, double-edged Sword to dissect, examine, and most importantly, make alive all that we attempt to do. We see life being born here – slowly, unexpectedly, but surely. Knowing that the WORD is what makes dead things alive, we are quick to not take any credit, but to be thankful that God continues to work through us as we remain faithful to His Word.

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