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Pollution Solution

One of the things that is hardest to get used to is the trash. Though there are so many lovely places and picturesque scenery here, the trash along streets and piled up in various locations is hard to overlook. One such place that seems to attract the most undesired “dumping” is under the overpass that connects the beach side with the Colonial village. An effort was made to try to “spruce up” this normally busy (and trashy) location, that being a mural painted on the walls of the bridge work. Amazingly, so far, it’s working. The place has remained relatively clean since they did this tasteful, artistic work. That's amazing! The beauty of the created artwork has caused a change in the attitude of people toward this location.

In so many ways, this is a visual image of why Living Faith Ministries is here. We want to reveal the astounding beauty of the Creator, Almighty God, Lord of lords, and Savior of all mankind, painting a picture of Christ Jesus’ unmatched beauty through our daily connections and ministries to the multitude of people that shuffle along. These people are being “uglied” by the pollution of their "sin," making their entire "landscape" unlivable. Our lives must paint a picture of the transformed life, a contradiction to their hopelessness and contaminated realities. The ONLY “pollution solution” is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing else can transform, renovate, and beautify in a lasting way a human life, the product of an abundant life. We’ve got our “paint brush” in hand thanks to your prayer and support!

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