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Amazing Results

Solomon tells us to “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days” (Eccl. 11:1). Before you start complaining about soggy bread, the point he’s making was to think about the things you do now and its future impact. It’s the power of investment – one action creating many more actions. We have seen this happen with the young boy, Tono, that many of you are aware of. His surgery is set for February 13, and he still has about 5 more appointments to go to before this important date, but the supernatural impact of what God has done through his unique situation continues to come back on every wave. Those are simply amazing results.

First, the taxi drivers gave a collection to this young man (which is not characteristic of their guild) and now the family they stay with in Mexico City (for all of his procedures) have asked that we let Santa and Tono stay without our financial help. They have seen “God working through the kindness shown to him by strangers and they desire to do the same.” This is not an easy thing for them to ask. Tono and his mother have to sleep, eat, travel back and forth to the hospital daily, and these things cost money. This family already has many obligations not to mention some physical issues that create difficulties in their lives. But they have been influenced by the giving and care towards this young man by YOU, people who’ve never met him. Gloriously, Santa and Tono are now attending a Christian fellowship! We have cast out the bread and it’s coming back in on every single wave.

Moses warned the Children of Israel not to overlook the needs of the poor, nor to resent them. He also added, “…because in this thing the Lord your God will bless you in all your works and in all in which you put your hand” (Deut. 15:10-11). I can attest to this principle. I’m living proof of its blessed promise. Unworthy, unqualified, yet gloriously blessed! It truly is amazing to watch this little act of kindness toward an extremely poor child explode with the awareness of Christ-like giving, making others desire to do the same. It’s just unexpected growth, and it opens so many doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed. And the Gospel IS being proclaimed! This is supernatural, amazing results.

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